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Pennsylvania bows to the Muslim Brotherhood & CAIR

I don’t think this will surprise too many people, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Council for American Islamic relations are trying to pad incident numbers so that it looks like Islamic community is being victimized by non-Muslims. CAIR actually encourages people to report any real or imagined affront to authorities as hate speech.

They actively look for reasons to sue or legally harass websites and other media outlets who have anything to say it does not reflect upon Islam a positive manner. The Brotherhood, was generally considered a radical organization and in some countries a terrorist organization until the Obama administration gave them some legitimacy. CA IR has known ties to terrorist groups and has been involved in money-laundering for those organizations. It becomes legitimate question why they have special status with the State of Pennsylvania..

Writing for PJ Media:  Hillel Zarembam a researh fellow at Islamist Watch reports


Keystone Cronies: State Agency Colludes with CAIR-PA

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission allows the terror-tied group to file false “bias” incidents.

Tasked with administering and enforcing the state’s anti-discrimination laws, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) has become entangled in aiding an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood in its goal of stigmatizing and silencing any criticism of Islam or Muslims, including those engaged in terrorism.

The law that created the PHRC empowers it to:

Track incidents of bias that may cause community tension and to educate the general public, law enforcement, educators, and government officials in order to prevent discrimination and foster equal opportunity.

Occurrences labeled “bias incidents” are logged into a monthly “bias report” that is forwarded to the Pennsylvania State Police, who decide whether to investigate items appearing there. Thus, the PHRC generates a government-sanctioned report card on the level and types of intergroup tensions and possible hate crimes within the commonwealth. In the words of one PHRC official:

We use the bias report to inform the Legislature about trends and for our community education purposes.

In a better world, this course of action might be considered admirable. But in Harrisburg a system has evolved by which CAIR-PA,[1] the local affiliate of the Council on American-Islamic Relations

Read More  Keystone Cronies: State Agency Colludes with CAIR-PA

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