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Friday Morning Grumpy Daily News Headlines


Candice Lanier’s Tech News: Mercedes’ Invisible Car

candicelanier.blogspot.com – Mercedes’ Invisible Car Discovery News – Mercedes new F-Cell vehicle is being marketed as a car that’s “virtually invisible to the environment.” That’s because the hydrogen fuel cell electric car, …

Candice Lanier

ACLJ Defends Tea Party Groups From IRS Assault

aclj.org – (Washington, DC) – The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), focusing on constitutional law, said it is representing nearly 20 Tea Party organizations nationwide against what appears to be a …


DNC Chair’s Jewish Friends and Family Doubt Prez on Israel

freebeacon.com – Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.), the chairman of the DNC and one of the president’s most prominent Jewish backers, is apparently having trouble convincing her own friends and family that P…

Chris Angelini, Cris

Allen West betrayed By Armstrong Williams

allenwestrepublic.wordpress.com – Florida is going to be perhaps the most important state in this year’s elections. It is the fourth-largest in the union, and a toss-up swing state where Republicans have a huge majority of the cong…

Chris Angelini, Cris

California Teacher | Suspended | Pornography

dailycaller.com – Imagine that you are a 12-year-old boy in middle school, casually searching the Internet when your parents are out to a PTA meeting or a movie date when you stumble upon pornographic material of yo…

The Daily Caller

Insight: Public schools sell empty classroom seats abroad

reuters.com – REVILLO, South Dakota | Thu Mar 8, 2012 3:29am EST REVILLO, South Dakota (Reuters) – There are just seven pairs of boots lined up outside the kindergarten classroom in this fading farm town. Just e…

Reuters Top News

Prayer Request for my Sister « My Blog

loopyloo305.com – My next to the youngest sister suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and is in frequent pain. She went to have an MRI today in order to find out where they wanted to insert epidurals to treat her pain….

patricia pledger

Book Review: “Obama’s Education Takeover”

blog.heritage.org – In his newly published book Obama’s Education Takeover, The Pacific Research Institute’s Lance Izumi illustrates how Obama’s education policies – particularly his push to impose national education …


UNESCO Decision On Palestine Backfires Badly

canadafreepress.com – A Report just issued by UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova reveals the extent of the serious crisis facing UNESCO following its decision to admit “Palestine” as its 195th member State – contrary …

David Briggs

Obama working on the Fundamental Transformation of Canada

canadafreepress.com – News guaranteed to shake Canadians off their duffs: Obama covets Canada. King-of-the-World-Legend-in-his-own-Mind Barack Obama sees Canada not as a Parliamentary Democracy, but as part of his Marxi…

Lady Raven

DearCitizenTV provides some facts about Derrick Bell

usamericanfreedom.com – Obama and radicals they seem to be synonymous with one another. What does Obama’s racial theory Professor Derrick Bell have in common with Bill Ayers? Make sure to share this video on your facebook…

American Freedom

Revealed: Derrick Bell’s HBO Sci-Fi Blaxploitation Flick

breitbart.com – Bell was one of the chief proponents of Critical Race Theory, a radical doctrine that holds that American legal institutions—including our civil rights laws—perpetuate white supremacy. Bell’s ideas…


Welfarely Stated | Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

crockettlives.wordpress.com – 1. Amanda Clayton, Lottery Winner & Food Stamp Recipient Amanda Clayton … won $1 million in the Michigan State Lottery but is still collecting food stamps. Clayton, who says she owns two homes and …

Bob Mack

Bin Laden widows charged for illegal stay in Pakistan

reuters.com – ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistani authorities have brought charges against Osama bin Laden’s three widows for illegally entering and living in the country, the interior minister said on Thursday. The…

Reuters Top News


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