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Breitbart’s Last Interview Was With Sheriff Joe Arpaio

I just saw this, came as a bit of a surprise Andrew Breitbart’s latest interview seems to have been with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  It happened two hours before Breitbart passed away.

Andrew Breitbart was always a little skeptical about Obama’s citizenship status. Everyone knew the Sheriff was holding the press conference today. Just guessing but they probably had a discussion about Obama’s status and what was going to be said today.

Not long ago Breitbart told an audience that he had information about Barack Obama that would prevent the President from being reelected. It is unclear as far as I know whether or not he shared that information with anyone. In light of today’s press conference in Arizona it would be interesting to see what he had. The following video came from The Center for Western Journalism;

Andrew Breitbart’s Last Interview Was With Sheriff Joe Arpaio About Obama Eligibility



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