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Thursday Morning Grumpy Daily Headline News


UN Rights Council Delves Into US Voter I.D. Laws

foxnews.com - The controversy over requiring voters to provide photo IDs has reached the world stage. The United Nations Human Rights Council is investigating the issue of American election laws at its gathering…

Chip Woods

Racial quota fallout – HUMAN EVENTS

humanevents.com - Many years ago, I learned of an episode in the life of a promising young black man that is relevant to things happening now. He had been educated at a good school, and went on to receive degrees at…

Human Events

conservativedailynews.com - The word “impeach” followed by “Obama” is enough to make liberals roll their eyes and conservatives squirm. Images of tea party rednecks waving handmade signs “Impeach Obama Now!” have seemingly ma…

Bob Mack

Lawmakers convene for expensive 11-minute session

miamiherald.typepad.com - It might have been the most expensive quorum call in the history of the Florida Legislature. At a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, House members returned to the Capitol Wednesday for a session…


Pi Day Celebrates 3.14

myfoxboston.com - (EndPlay Staff Reports) – If ever there was a holiday made for math enthusiasts, today’s the day. Happy Pi Day! – March 14, because Pi = 3.1415926535…. What is Pi? Well, it represents the relations…

~~ Lady Liberty ~~

PODCAST: Red Tape Rising

blog.heritage.org - In this week’s Heritage in Focus, expert James Gattuso discusses the punishing increase in government regulations in 2011. Click here to listen. How far above trend was last year’s increase in the …

Heritage Foundation

Energy Trade Organization Sues EPA

epaabuse.com - The American Petroleum Institute (API) is suing the EPA to overturn a standard that mandates the purchase of fuels formulated in part from biological materials – including switchgrass, wood chips a…


East L.A. homes retrofitted with free solar panels

times247.com - East L.A. homes retrofitted with free solar panels The solar panels eliminate an estimated 1,200 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over their 30-year lifespan, according to the grant’s operator, Ent…

Jessica Chasmar

Did Obama’s War On Religion Start Before He Was Elected?

westernjournalism.com - Obama’s hateful war against America’s mainstream religions has been in full rage since the spring of 2008. This is a list of his attacks. April 2008 – Obama speaks disrespectfully of Christians, sa…

David Briggs

conservativedailynews.com - I urge you to watch this video (http://www.morningstartv.com/oak-initiative/marxism-america ) and listen very carefully to what General Boykin says. I am also a former Special Forces soldier. I was…


Debbie Wasserman Schultz | Eric Holder Support

dailycaller.com - Democratic National Committee chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida supports Attorney General Eric Holder ’100 percent,’ her spokesman said Wednesday, despite a chorus of Republicans …

Matthew Boyle


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