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Wednesday Afternoon Grumpy Daily News Headlines


Buyers Beware – Reason Magazine

reason.com – A couple of months ago, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Beth Brinkmann was standing before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, defending the federal law requiring Americans to buy gov…


Review & Outlook: ObamaCare’s Great Awakening

online.wsj.com – The political furor over President Obama’s birth-control mandate continues to grow, even among those for whom contraception poses no moral qualms, and one needn’t be a theologian to understand why….


» Middle East Crumbles Around Obama’s Foreign Policy

floridapoliticalpress.com – The Heritage FoundationThousands are dead in Syria, with more blood spilled each day. Iran is within arm’s reach of a nuclear weapon, threatening Israel’s very existence. And in Egypt, 19 Americans…


SEIU Infiltrates Republican Politics

thenewamerican.com – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is well known as the most politically-engaged and radically leftist labor union in the United States today. SEIU frequently co-partners with the Com…


Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress

washingtontimes.com – U.S. Customs and Border Protection uses qualified pilots to operate Predator drones for surveillance along the border. Under the FAA Reauthorization Act, drones eventually could be used by police a…


Obama runs roughshod over religious freedom

washingtonpost.com – This particular episode is significant because the Obama administration has provided the narrowest conscience protection in our nation’s history, according to legal experts who are challenging the …


Dog Fight Victim Pit Bull Rescued in Anne Arundel County

nbcwashington.com – Anne Arundel Animal Control Rock Road recovering from injuries advertisement Animal control officers rescued a badly injured Pit Bull on February 2, which they said had been a victim of dog fightin…


The Danger of A Nation of Dependents

blog.heritage.org – As someone who grew up in inner-city Atlanta, I understand there are times when people need whatever help they can find. The social safety net—in conjunction with generosity from neighborhood group…


Missouri Education Watchdog: Imagine

missourieducationwatchdog.com – John Lennon asked us, through music, to Imagine. As long as we’re looking to reform education, let’s follow his suggestion and imagine what could be in public education.Imagine how much less school…


IDF – Israel Defense Forces

idf.il – Kfir Brigade trains for emergency scenarios and terror attacks commonplace in the region, led by IDF ethics and stressing the value of human life Date: 08/02/2012, 4:03 PM     Author: Israel Ground…



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