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Wednesday Afternoon Grumpy Daily Headlines


Dear President Obama – STOP AIDING THE ARAB SPRING! – by Bee Sting

americansstandwithisrael.blogspot.com – “STOP AIDING THE ARAB SPRING!”Wednesday, February 15, 2012by Bee StingIsrapundit, by Ted Belam, sums up “Obama and his budget priorities”: Obama doesn’t have $6.3 million for Israel “Obama proposes…




$5 Billion in Grants Offered to Revisit Teacher Policies

nytimes.com – The Obama administration will propose a $5 billion competitive grant program to encourage states to overhaul the teaching profession, federal education officials said Tuesday, using its Race to the…


A Tea Party Senate takeover

michellemalkin.com – For Liljenquist, Mourdock, and Cruz: A Tea Party Senate takeover by Michelle MalkinCreators SyndicateCopyright 2012 The tea party isn’t dead. It’s just looking down ballot. While fiscal conservativ…


Obama Campaign Manager Mocks Latinos

soopermexican.com – Today leftist halfwit and pasty white gringo Dana Milbank wrote a column decrying the GOP’s lack of pandering to the Latino community. Of course, the Obama administration has such a fantastic recor…


Tucson DEA Chief | Eric Holder | Gun-Walking

dailycaller.com – Former Tucson Drug Enforcement Administration chief Tony Coulson told The Daily Caller that Attorney General Eric Holder either knew guns were walking during Operation Fast and Furious, or should h…


Can Obama Order Grocers to Give Away Bread?

cnsnews.com – In October 2009, I published a column titled, “Can Obama and Congress Order You to Buy Broccoli?” Now I need to ask a follow-up: Can Obama order grocers to give away bread?I wrote the broccoli colu…



nypost.com – Back when he was first running for mayor, Ed Koch used to tell of the time he told some senior citizens about a judge he knew who’d been mugged.The judge, said Koch, told a group that “this mugging…



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