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Sunday Afternoon Grumpy News Headlines


Did Obama/Soros BENEFIT From US Credit Downgrade?

billbotex.blogspot.com – If any image is too small to read clearly, click on image for larger view.Did President Obama actually WANT a US credit downgrade, so he and Soros could profit from it?Remember the scare tactics th…


» Hate crimes laws go both ways

legalinsurrection.com – Posted by William A. Jacobson    Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 9:42am Can lesbians be charged with a hate crime for beating up a gay man? Why not? Once we make motive an element of a crime, it goe…


Miracle of the algae | Power Line

powerlineblog.com – If Americans aren’t sold on electric cars as the solution to our energy problems, I’m pretty sure that they won’t fall for pond scum (algae). Yet this is part of what President Obama had on offer t…


The Community Organizer’s Collectivist Vision

whitehousedossier.com – I want you to take a look at something President Obama said during a fundraiser last week in SanFrancisco. It’s been gaining some notice as a vision for America that is not historically recognizabl…


Was The Georgia Secretary Of State’s Decision “Greased”

westernjournalism.com – ”That thing was greased,” as they say in Chicago, referring to a political phenomenon known as “being handled before table.”  Well, bloggers are asking, was it?  Word now coming out reveals just tw…


Greece sets March 8 deadline for investors in bond swap

reuters.com – ATHENS | Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:42am EST ATHENS (Reuters) – Greece has set a March 8 deadline for investors to participate in its unprecedented bond swap aimed at sharply reducing its debt burden, acc…


UN, others target 2030 for sustainable energy in Africa

thenationonlineng.net – EXPERTS have expressed optimism that Africa can achieve sustainable energy by 2030. Making this projection recently was Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme…


MF Global’s cost to farmers appears large

startribune.com – WASHINGTON – The cost of the scandal at MF Global is becoming clearer to farmers and grain elevator operators across the Midwest, and it could be huge. A court-appointed trustee testified last week…


Hillary Clinton: “You Talk too Much!”

americansstandwithisrael.blogspot.com – WEASEL ZIPPERSHillary Clinton Tells Muslims To “Not Pay Attention” To Republicans Comments On Islam, Instead Listen To What Obama Says…Of course, because nobody in America shares the same views as …


Awww… newly adopted cat saves owner’s life « Hot Air

hotair.com – posted at 2:00 pm on February 25, 2012 by Jazz Shaw Time for your weekend break from politics. Most of us are, by now, familiar with the idea of “seizure dogs” and “therapy dogs” who assist owners …


Detroit carjacker broke veteran’s leg but not his spirit

canadafreepress.com – 86-Year-Old Vet Injured during Carjacking at Detroit Gas StationThe phone at Aaron Brantley’s Detroit house is “ringing off the hook” this morning.“It’s family members and people from the Corinthia…


Racist to Require a Photo ID to Unclog Your Pipes?

maggiesnotebook.com – If you are interested in crochet work or need a beautiful, one of a kind gift, Linda Latta Smith is an incredibly talented artist. She has made several afghans for me, and I’m placing an order for …


Green Eggs & Scam-Another Green Energy Fail…….

drinkyourkoolaid.com – Ho Ho Ho! the Sorry Green Giant Another green energy fail has sprouted, this time in Michigan. In exchange for $390million in subsidies, A123 Systems lays off 125 employees than pads the upper mana…


Roseanne Barr Says Impeach Obama? – Patriot Update

patriotupdate.com – Guess who is calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama now? Former sitcom mother,stand-up comedienne,and self-proclaimed “domestic goddess”Roseanne Barr. On her official website,RoseanneWorld,the…


Riot cops break up Nike shoe crowd at Fla. mall

washingtontimes.com – Police hold back crowds near the Florida Mall in Orlando, Fla., late Feb. 23, 2012, after more than 100 sheriff’s deputies in riot gear broke up an out-of-control crowd waiting to buy a new Nike ba…


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Endorses Romney

weeklystandard.com – Arizona governor Jan Brewer endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney this morning on NBC’s Meet the Press.“It was a difficult decision, but I think Mitt by far is the person who can g…


Wyoming House Advances Doomsday Bill

drinkyourkoolaid.com – Think it can’t happen in America? Think again! CHEYENNE — “State representatives on Friday advanced legislation to launch a study into what Wyoming should do in the event of a complete economic or …


France prepares to move staff from Afghanistan

reuters.com – PARIS | Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:27am EST PARIS (Reuters) – France is making preparations to withdraw non-military personnel from Afghanistan, where protests over the burning of copies of the Koran at a…


Muslim Converts to Christianity under Attack

pjmedia.com – With only a 12% Muslim minority, and an 84% Christian majority, Uganda may not seem a hotspot of Islamic activity. Yet, in recent weeks and months, story after story of attacks on Muslim converts t…



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