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Wednesday Afternoon news update from the Grumpy Daily


Barack Obama State of the Union: General Motors Deception, Political Donations

maggiesnotebook.com – Anytime we listen to Barack Obama speak, whether it is the State of the Union address or a press conference we should never forget that the man couldn’t get most of what he wants through his own De…




Will Republicans Let Eric Holder Get Away with Murder?

westernjournalism.com – When Eric Holder ordered Justice Department Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar to begin an investigation of possible wrongdoing in Operation Fast and Furious it was with just one purpose in mind—en…


State of the Union registers at 8th grade reading level

politico.com – President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union address again rated at an 8th grade comprehension level, on the Flesch-Kincaid readability test — the third lowest score of any State of the Union address …


Obama Asks For More Power

conservativedailynews.com – Now I may be reading this wrong, but the last few sentences of this quote make it sound like our president is asking for Congress to grant the Executive branch (even) more powers.  (wording in bold…


GOP Debate Moderator Tut-Tuts Dodd-Frank Bashfest

news.investors.com – Regulation: Tuesday’s GOP debate moderator was shocked by the front-runners’ broadside against Dodd-Frank banking rules. He seemed to think they were hyping their damage. They weren’t. The media el…


Obama Proposes More Big Government

conservativedailynews.com – . During the State Of The Union (SOTU) speech last night, President Obama was speaking about the topic of international trade when he said the following statement: Tonight, I’m announcing the creat…


Protect the American Way of Life Now

blog.heritage.org – Today, Earth is going to feel impacts of a solar storm. Millions of charged particles are heading toward Earth from the sun. This “space weather” has been created by the largest solar storm in the …


Solar Storm Results in Stunning Northern Lights Videos | Video

theblaze.com – For the last few days, Earth has been bombarded with radiation as the strongest solar storm since 2005 raged. This geomagnetic storm has resulted in a wealth in stunning videos of the northern ligh…



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