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Tuesday morning news, picks from the Grumpy Daily

Living on the Border: Christmas in Apache, Arizona

grumpyelder.com – I received an email from Fast Hawg and a copy of an article that had been circulating on the web and chain emails for a while– In Part Fast Hawg had this to say. Subject Fw: please help us ; Apache…


#AllAmericanMuslim and the Four Stages of Jihad

operationyoutubeislamistsmackdown.wordpress.com – ~ David Wood @ AnsweringMuslims – “Islam’s greatest ally in the west is ignorance. Jihadists can’t subjugate us thru physical force, so they are doing their best to subjugate our minds. The ultimat…


Retired Four-Star Generals Come Out Against NDAA

talkstoryoncoconutwireless.blogspot.com – “A bill that allows the government to use the military to indefinitely detain American citizens without due process.” January 2, 2011 By Brandon Smith Alt-Market.com This article was originally pub…


#OWS Loons Try to Disrupt Romney Speech in Iowa, and Fail

pjmedia.com – You have to hand it to the Romney team. They get stagecraft. That’s not to say that other campaigns don’t, but they definitely do. Even the best planned stagecraft can, of course, be disrupted. Tak…


White House And The Taliban – A Budding Relationship?

conservativedailynews.com – Video from Fox News: What is the Obama Administration trying to do with the Taliban? sodahead.com Related posts:Obama Loses the Love, His Body Man Reggie Love, President Barack Obama’s ‘Body Man’ i…



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