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Sunday afternoon news, picks from the Grumpy Daily



Go Daddy Lost 21,054 Domains Yesterday

thenextweb.com – It’s going to get worse before it gets better for domain registration company Go Daddy. Yesterday, we reported that Go Daddy had reversed its decision to support SOPA. Its customer service reps are…


Why do I have to post this on Christmas?

boudicabpi.wordpress.com – I post this because Muslims committed this horrible act on Christmas. It’s time for Christians to stand strong and past time for all Christians to stand together along with people of non Muslim fai…



votingamerican.wordpress.com – John 3:16“For God so Loved the World that He Gave His One and Only Son, that Whoever Believes in Him Shall not Perish but have Eternal Life”Like this:Be the first to like this post. This entry was …


Mass. woman says TSA confiscated frosted cupcake

articles.boston.com – Hains, who lives in Peabody, just north of Boston, said the agent didn’t seem concerned that the cupcake could actually be explosive, just that it fit some bureaucratic definition about what was pr…


Obama’s new manufacturing czar a globalist activist

wnd.com – John Bryson President Obama’s new manufacturing czar, John Bryson, served until his recent government appointment as chairman of a major globalist organization whose stated goal is to build a “netw…


PJ Media » Big Anti-Tobacco?

pjmedia.com – When does an interest become vested? Generally, I suppose, when it is an interest in something of which you disapprove. No one would suggest, for example, that an oncologist had a vested interest i…




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