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Monday Morning News picks from the Grumpy Daily


PJ Media » United States of Europe One Step Closer to Reality?

pjmedia.com – The leaders of the 27-member European Union met in Brussels on December 8 and 9 under pressure to deliver a decisive solution to Europe’s two-year-old sovereign debt crisis. But the high-profile su…




Nothing New Under The Crescent…Uh, Sun

crockettlives.wordpress.com – “…for a Muslim to keep his word to an Infidel at the expense of opportunities to expand Islamic power is the Islamic equivalent of a mortal sin.” —Andrew Walden “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no…


Why Obama Gave Iran A Top Secret US Drone

conunderground.com – Most of us have long understood that Obama is a traitor to our country and a mole whose  not so covert mission is to destroy America. There is simply no other explanation that makes any kind of sen…


Why Buying an Electric Car Might Be Terrible Idea

theblaze.com – There has been a lot of talk about electric cars lately and little of it has been positive. In light of GM’s multitudinous Volt issues, the demise of Aptera Motors, and Tesla Motors’ recent share d…



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